Urban Adventure and Exploration Links Industrial Archeology

The best site for Urban Exploration (UE):  http://www.actionsquad.org/

New York City exploration:  http://ltvsquad.com/

Urban explorer of Buffalo beautiful photos http://jyro.bravepages.com

Web ring of numerous sites: http://e.webring.com/hub?ring=draining&list&page=0

Built Saint Louis: excellent site about the vanishing architectural heritage of St. Louis

Dark passage: A New York based organization

Xydexx's modern ruins and bannerman's island...

See Detroit: huge site with lots of photos about all things Detroit.

Mill city museum old urban explorer's playground http://www.millcitymuseum.org

Night Photography:  http://www.hoursofdarkness.com/Home.htm

There are many excellent urban exploration / industrial archeology sites; see the links pages of the sites above for many more fascinating stories and pictures.

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